06  Established Misung Scientific Co., Ltd.



07  Registration of Patent and Utility Model of Distillation apparatus(The           office of Patent Administration) 
07  Acquired certificate of ISO 9001 
11  Established new factory in Yangju-City, Korea 
11  Incorporated Misung Scientific Co., Ltd.



01  Awarded Koreanclick (The office of Military Manpower                                 Administration) 
06  Registration of Patent and Utility Model of Heating Mantle(The office         of Patent Administration)



02  Registration of Design (The office of Patent Administration) 
03  Technology assessment complete of Heating Mantle (The office of Patent Administration) 
08  CE certification of Heating Mantle



08  Awarded Innovative Enterprise (The governor of Kyonggi-do)


08  Awarded Export Promising Enterprise (Small Business                                   Administration)


04  Select a business exporting 
08  CE certification of Hot Plate & Magnetic Stirrer 
11  Awarded Innovative Enterprise (Small Business Administration)



05  Registration of Trademark (The office of Patent Administration)
11  Acquired certificate of ISO 14001


03  Registration of Design of Overhead Stirrer (The office of Patent                   Administration) 
06  CE certification of Overhead Stirrer
09  Patent of Overhead Stirrer (The office of Patent Administration) 
12  CE certification of Heating Mantle 
01  CE c of certification of Plate & Magnetic Stirrer 
03  Certification of EU FTA origin exporter (The office of Customs                     Administration)